When your doctor decides AUSTEDO® is right for you,
you’ll get your prescription in one of two ways.

Your doctor may fill out a form to prescribe AUSTEDO® and enroll you in Teva’s Shared Solutions®. Through financial assistance programs and nurse support, Shared Solutions® will partner with you throughout your AUSTEDO® treatment.

Here’s what to expect when your doctor prescribes AUSTEDO® and enrolls you in Shared Solutions®:

  • Your doctor’s office will send your paperwork to Teva’s Shared Solutions®.

  • You will receive a call from Shared Solutions® or your filling pharmacy to verify your contact and insurance information. It’s important that you answer this call so they can process your prescription.

  • Your paperwork will be processed.

  • Your prescription will be filled by your pharmacy.

Your doctor may decide to work directly with your pharmacy. In that case, here’s what to expect:

  • Your doctor may write your prescription on paper and have you bring it to your pharmacy, or may send it electronically to your pharmacy.

  • Your pharmacy will process your prescription using the information you give them, including your insurance information.

  • If your pharmacy doesn’t stock AUSTEDO®, they may need to order it before filling your prescription.

  • Your prescription will be filled by your pharmacy.

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