First goal of the study1,2

To measure the effectiveness of AUSTEDO on:

  • HD chorea symptoms using the Total Maximal Chorea (TMC) score.
  • TMC score progress before, during, and at the end of the 12-week study.

Second goal of the study1,2

To evaluate the effects of AUSTEDO on:

  • Overall HD symptoms, as reported by people and their doctors.
  • Limitations on people's ability to perform daily activities.

About the study1:

90 people with HD chorea were studied for 12 weeks.

45 people were selected to take AUSTEDO (deutetrabenazine) and 45 people were selected to take placebo (inactive tablets).

Involuntary movements were measured at the beginning and end of the study, with movements also being observed at intervals throughout the 12-week period.






44.4% of participants in the study were female and 55.6% were male.

Medications people taking austedo were able to continue throughout the trial:






Chart showing antidepressants at 62.2%, antiepileptics at 35.5%, and anti-anxiety medications at 15.5%.

Understanding the TMC score

The TMC score is used to determine the effectiveness of HD chorea treatment. Seven parts of the body—including the face, mouth, arms, and legs—are scored from 0 to 4, with 0 indicating no chorea. A complete TMC score ranges from 0 to 28. The lower the score, the less chorea, or involuntary movements, exhibited by the person.1,2

Areas of the body used to measure the effectiveness of AUSTEDO® on HD chorea with the TMC score.

More details about the study

Age range2:

23 74

Years old

Mean CAG Repeat Length2:





TMC Score at the Beginning of the study2:





Switching from tetrabenazine1,2

If your doctor recommends switching to AUSTEDO from tetrabenazine, you can start AUSTEDO the day after you stop tetrabenazine. This means you can continue treating your HD chorea without missing a dose.
In a clinical study, 37 people with HD chorea switched overnight from tetrabenazine to AUSTEDO. People in the study received AUSTEDO at approximately half the dose of tetrabenazine.

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